DIET has become part of lifestyle today's urban society. One way is to
reduce consumption of sugar. In addition to want to stay slim, health
reasons also become one of the reasons. Artificial sweeteners or
sodium was usually chosen to replace sugar cane. Indeed, the
artificial sugar mungkn powerful enough to ward off fat deposits. But
you should be aware, the article reveals findings of a study that risk
for triggering artificial sugar kidneys work harder. The study was
revealed by the research team from Brigham and Women's Hospital,
Boston, USA. "Our study found that consumption of sodium and
artificial sweeteners in soda affect the kidneys work," said
researchers from the Women's Hospital, Boston, United States, Dr.
Julie Lin as quoted in WebMD. This is actually not the first study the
influence of sodium by the kidneys work. Previously, the Nurses'
Health Study has conducted the research. The result, in women with
good renal function, after eating more sodium is found that impaired
kidney function. These findings are similar results with a study of
guinea pigs.