We must already know, the best way to make you lose weight or keep it
stable is to regular diet, which must still maintain an adequate
supply of nutrients for our bodies. Do not go on a diet that does not
irregular, dangerous! This is one diet program that you can possibly
try, because it is "in- audit" by nutrition experts, and
already there are a lot of work.

Cabbage Soup Diet with

Essentially, a soup diet should contain calories that are not absorbed
by the body and capable of supporting combustion of fat in the body.
Diet is a combination (pattern) of food that will make you feel
hungry, you're still allowed to drink water as much as you want and
cabbage soup, but you have to be really strict with other foods! Okey,
this will be a 7 days diet program, which aims to decrease body weight
of 4.5 to 6.5 kg. Which includes low calorie foods are cabbage,
onions, and tomatoes. (creat with a little spice to be able to make
sense) Every day there will be certain foods, such as potatoes, fruit
juices, vegetables, and may in the
end of the program "meets" meat.

The first day,
you can only eat fruit, all fruit except bananas! May only drink
beverages that fresh, fresh tea, black coffee, and water,
and cabbage soup. Weight?

The second day,
you should avoid foods packaged / canned or prepared food, including
vegetables in containers, such as peas, corn, and so forth. But it may
if it is fresh vegetables, and cooked by boiling in water (can be
mixed into the cabbage soup.) For dinner, bake one large potato, may
be added butter to add flavor. Coupled with unlimited cabbage soup,
but without the fruit! Still .. plus cabbage
soup can?

The third day,
combine the first and second day of the program, but no baked potato.
On the fourth day, after going

through three days
of very heavy early, on this fourth day you may meet a sweet foods,
consumption of 8 (eight bananas and drink milk you may be low in
calories as many as you like. But still, do not forget
his cabbage soup!
On the fifth day,
you should eat 300-500 grams of meat and 6 pieces of fresh tomato.
However, if you want, the meat may be replaced with poached fish or
grilled chicken. It is recommended to drink 6-8 glasses of water to
get rid of uric acid out of your body. Eat cabbage soup at least once
on this

On the sixth day,
eat meat (such as portions yesterday) with fresh vegetables. Or you
can eat salad, but without potatoes. Eat cabbage
soup at least once.

On the last day,
you can eat rice (from a low-calorie rice, maybe a lot of people call
with Indian rice), fruit juices without sugar, and fresh vegetables,
and of course cabbage soup one time. Do not eat bread, alcohol or soft
drinks, did not even drink "diet soda" during the