Vegetables white with crowing crunchy texture that is usually used in soups. Some people sometimes do not like it because the smell and also taste a little bitter.

Though its benefits are very much you know! If you like to eat soto Bandung or Korean food, vegetables are often times become one of the contents.

Radish, is a white vegetable that has a hard texture with a distinctive unpleasant smell. When cooked, it feels so crisp .. So crowing like Bangkuang. Although radish is very good, but not everyone liked him.

The reason is that slightly unpleasant smell, urine and slightly bitter taste that makes some people reluctant to eat it. In fact, the radishes are very many benefits for health.

Nutrition of this type tubers ranging from vitamins A, B1, B2, niacin, essential oils, choline, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and oxalic acid. The content of vitamins A and C as many as 30-40%.

In addition, radish also contains an antibiotic that keeps the body from bacteria. This plant was first discovered in China, and then cultured in Indonesia and surrounding Asian countries. Radish easily grown in fertile soil and cool climate.

Already long ago, horseradish is used to cure various kinds of diseases in China and Korea.

Call it overcome flatulence, dysentery, constipation, inflammation of the respiratory tract, influenza, high blood pressure, heart and also fever.

Usually processed in a way made radish soup or used as a salad mix. However, radishes also can be used outside of medicine to deal with burns, eczema, skin irritations and disorders.

Simply grate horseradish to taste and add the white rice vinegar and rub on the sores or other skin disorders. In addition to overcoming some type of illness earlier, for a diet program can enter the radish in the daily menu.

Because the fiber content is also high, will give a sense of fullness for longer. If not happy with aroam and taste, stir and knead cut radish with salt to taste to taste bitter and unpleasant aroma is lost. Rinse and drain. Radish ready to be processed.