You must know the name of apples, but did you know that the apples
contained many benefits for health, good apples are used as a favorite
fruit for a diet to lose weight. Apples have a low fat content but the
fiber contained in apples is very high, this fiber will help you feel
full faster. There are many other benefits of the apple for health.
When we are hungry is actually happening is the emergence of
stimulation of the stomach. Brain diperintahkah to seek immediate food
and filling the empty stomach by the stomach earlier. If the hull has
been filled then naturally we will experience a feeling of satiety and
will immediately stop the intake of food. Foods rich in fiber and high
water levels. Choose foods with fiber content like fruits, vegetables,
cereals, wheat. Apples along with pears, citrus fruits are among the
high-yield fibers. Fruits with high water content of Judah could
membuak gastric stretch. Melon and watermelon with its high water
content, although low in fiber can easily create a stomach filled, and
filling. Apple when eaten with the skin will make blood glucose levels
in the slow ride. Glicemic skinned apple has a low index. The speed of
rising blood sugar levels can be reduced with a diet of low-yield
index glicemic. In addition to these skinned apples, vegetables also
have an average index glicemic low levels indicated by the number of
fibers on the leaves and stems.

Another benefit of the apple

Apples contain high antioxidant, anti-oxidants may also help lower bad
cholesterol, lower bad cholesterol will melindungin you from heart
disease. In addition, there are many benefits of apple juice, among
others, as follows.
1.Relieves diarrhea
2.Aid digestion and reduce weight
3.Apple juice can fend off viralinfections
4.Helps treat asthma
5.Preventing tooth decay and gum disease
6.Strengthen kidney
7.Lowering blood pressure
8.Fighting arthritis
9. Stabilizing blood sugar
10.As an anticancer agent