Many children suffer constipation and bowel movements are less than perfect. Why? Think about their diet, whether your children foods that contain fiber or fiber-sufficient. How do I add more fiber in the diet of children are growing?

1. Introduce mixed diet, such as soup, cooked vegetables or vegetable fats which are very popular in most children. Serve fresh fruit as well and also involve them in meal preparation.
2. Prepare biscuits or cakes resipinya modified to reduce fat and sugar, add flour and full of beans. Do not forget to involve the children in the making. That way you can train them in the provision of healthy food and they will also be encouraged to enjoy it.
3. If you want to provide snacks or side, provide a nutritious and are in addition to their daily nutrient needs. For example, pieces of fruits like papaya, watermelon, jampul, apples, oranges and so forth. You can also prepare a salad using low- fat yogurt than mayonnaise, trickling, pick-pick, bread or biscuits are made with full grain flour.
4. Make sure the fruit is supplied is of a nature which is not easy as sour or rotten bananas. You can also give them dried fruits mixed with unsweetened banana chips, tapioca or beans.
5. When eating out, like the fast food restaurant, do not just order the fried foods only, select high-fiber foods as well as that of vegetables, fruits or whole grain meal. Food Chinese, Indian and Western cuisine offers a high-fiber, for example, chapatti and dal, soup or spaghetti noodles made from wheat.

If your child has an overweight problem, improve the content of fiber in their diet. This is because the fiber will make you feel full. Foods high in fiber will also be longer in the intestines and absorb water and prevent constipation. Whatever you need to know, foods high in fiber are often low in calories and lead to a feeling of fullness of time. While children need a lot of energy supplied from the food they eat. So the calorie intake must be balanced against the high-fiber foods. High-fiber breakfast for your child:

1. Dalca compared with chapatti roti canai.
2. Cereal with skim milk
3. Boiled noodles with vegetables
4. Filled with porridge with vegetables or without anchovies thrown a bone.
5. Full grain bread, prepared sandwiches with vegetables or baked and served with fresh fruit juices without sugar.