The number of children who are obese has increased. Statistics show
that 1 in 10 school-age children are obese or overweight 1. If left
unchecked, they will remain obese into adulthood. Though obesity is
associated with increased risk of diseases such as diabetes,
hypertension, to heart disease 2. Not to mention stigma as a chubby
child's confidence can hurt the baby 3. As a parent, you certainly do
not want this happen to your baby, right? Diet = Solution? With the
increasing concerns over obesity levels of children, some parents
began to control her weight. Even some parents apply strict diet
programs and provides slimming drug to the baby. In fact, a strict
diet and slimming drug is not the best solution. Children who are
overweight should still eat three meals a day plus snacks in between
meals. This is because the children need adequate nutrition and
balanced to optimize the growth process. When children are forced
strict diet, growth and health of children may be disturbed.

1. Adjust your calorie intake Calorie needs may vary depending on the
child's activity. The more active the baby, caloric needs will
increase. However, keep in mind that your child is not eating as much
as eating adults. Because of that, give him smaller portions. Give it
a small portion or about ½ or 2 / 3 portion of an adult when you take
him eat out
2. 3B diet: Balanced, Diverse, Nutritious The objective of the eat not
only to provide a sense of satiety, but also to meet nutritional
needs. Children who are growing requires the input of nutrients that
may range from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, to vitamins and
minerals, especially calcium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamin
B and vitamin D. To meet the diverse nutritional needs are, try to
combine different types of foods that include vegetables, fruit,
carbohydrate sources, meat, seafood, vegetable and milk proteins. In
addition to diverse, given any nutrients should be balanced.
Carbohydrates and fats are necessary, but not to both types of
nutrient intake is excessive, so replace your intake of nutritious
food like milk, vegetables, and fruits. Reduce intake of sweet foods
and high fat is a wise choice to prevent excess calories that have an
impact on obesity
3. Vote for Better Option Adjust your diet does not mean necessarily
negate the consumption of certain nutrients at all. Key settings diet
is to replace the existing diet with more healthy choices. For
example, if your child used to eat fried chicken, try to substitute
with grilled chicken or chicken soup less fat content. French fries or
french fries may be replaced with mashed potatoes, red meat
consumption can be replaced with fish, and so forth. Stay prepared
foods preferred by children, but with a healthier choice.
4. Sport and Physical Activity Encourage your child to exercise 4.5!
Playing badminton, badminton, or swimming together is a fun activity
and also healthy. If the baby likes to play games, siasati to give
games that stimulate physical activity such as Nintendo Wii, dance
simulation, and so on 6.7. Physical activity will increase the use of
calories into energy that helps improve the balance of calories.
Research also shows that children who regularly exercise less
frequently and less frequently affected by obesity and ill health
disorder than children who did not exercise regularly 4.5.
5. Sort-Select Beverages Quite often, we simply select the foods we
eat, but do not control what we drink. In fact, obesity can be caused
by a high-calorie sweet drinks. Research shows that children who
consume sweet drinks or soft drinks tend to be more overweight than
children who did not consume these beverages 8. Do not want this
happen to your baby? Always teach them to drink water! Water is the
best drink to replace fluids and do not cause health risks. Therefore,
always make sure your baby to drink 8 glasses of water per day to
maintain body fluid balance

Obesity in children can be overcome by setting dietary and physical
activity is good. This method would be more effective if the parents
participate and be a role model. Immediately apply a healthy lifestyle
for the sake of your family and your baby. Give HiLo School for your
baby that has been aged> 5 years for ideal growth. HiLo Milk School is
a natural mineral with the lowest fat content. HiLo School, ideal
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