healthy living programs emerging discussed. Not to forget the diet
programs healthy and not too bad also so
coveted. But be careful with any diet foods are eaten, consider every
abortion. See full info here!
The new year is certainly a new resolution that you want. Especially
for women who still
want to look pretty and definitely healthy. Consider the food you eat,
whether the
content in it is safe for health or not. Well, try to note the
following nine tips for your diet
program still running well and safely byreducing substances that are
not needed by
the body.

1. Reduce consumption of animal fats Foods derived from animals sometimes
contain synthetic hormones, antibiotics, or other chemicals that
settle in the animal fat.
The material was not necessarily lost during the cooking process, and
additives will be
moving into our bodies when we eat it. When buying meat, chicken, or milk fat
content search a little, fat by the body's needs should be replaced
with vegetable fats such
as walnuts. Even if the chicken should
consume should eliminate the skin where the fat and a variety of drug
injection beneath it.
2. Jelly Choosing Seafood
Eating seafood, we are exposed to methylmercury, a neurotoxin similar
potential. Increasing pollution caused this possible. International
Agency for Research
on Cancer and the Environmental Protection Agency has found
carcinogenic in several
species of fish, so the news that was launched from WeebMD. This is because the
fish are contaminated by PCBs, a type of cancer-causing substances.

3. Consumption of Organic Materials Use of pesticides on vegetables
and fruits did
not cause direct damage to body functions, but this will be seen next
few years. To
prevent it, begin to consume vegetables and fruits are organic. Such
as apples, peaches,
spinach, mustard greens, kale, broccoli, potatoes, until the rice is organic.

4. Prepare Food Properly
To be assured their health, make sure the vegetables and fruit that
you consume is clean and free from chemicals. Always wash fruit and
vegetables in running water before it
is processed or eaten. In addition to eliminating the bacteria, also
to eliminate the chemicals that may still stick to the vegetables and
fruit. In fact there is no harm in washing
the fruit peeled for these substances do not stick to the cutter knife.
5. Avoid Canned Food and Beverage
Canned food and drinks usually contain bisphenol-A, a chemical that
can disrupt our body system even our environment. This
does not happen immediately, but should avoid as much as possible. It
is better to
consume foods that are fresh, dried, or even if packaged or tetra
packs should choose glass packaging because it is much safer.

6. The Healthy Cook and True
If you like grilling meat, this would increase the risk of esophageal
cancer. Roasting process that emit smoke contains
carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or PAHs are known by the
term. This substance is attached to the surface of whatever you cook
baked manner.
When meat, poultry, and fish cooked at high temperatures and long
periods of time or
well-done, it creates a carcinogenic
heterocyclic amines, or HCAs.

7. Note label Listed on Food Packaging
Always pay attention to the label marked on the back of food
packaging. Whether it's the
materials used or the manufacturing process. Sometimes we neglect and
forget to read that
description. Though this is very important as the information for us
to know what has
been entered into the body.

8. Avoid Beverage Plastic Packaging
In America, the number of beverage containers such as soda, sports drinks,
energy drinks, juices and so is also numerous. The biggest problem is these
drinks contain sweeteners, flavorings, and artificial coloring. In
addition, the packaging
used is plastic packaging so that the chemicals contained in plastic
can be eroded
and mixed into a drink. If this continues will possibly not interfere
with our systems.

9. Get used to Eat Food Home While at the restaurant or cafe, usually we
often forget ourselves dam ordering various types of food by sight
than it looks tempting.
Though we do not yet know exactly how to ripening and also the
materials used by these
restaurants. Better to eat at home, but can save you even can control
the use of food
and chose a far more healthy.