NEW YORK - Want to live longer? Mediterranean diet may be the answer.
According to latest research results,Mediterranean-style diet can help to prolong
life among the population of the United States.

In the study revealed, men who undergo a diet closer to the ideal Mediterranean diet, the
risk to death during the next five years decreased to 21 percent, than men that their
diets away from Mediterranean diets. The same results were also seen in women's groups.

"The study provides strong evidence of the benefits of a Mediterranean-style diet, in
particular against the risk of death from a variety of factors, including disease-related
degan cardiac and cancer, in the midst of American society," explained Dr Panagiota N
Mitrou and colleagues from the University of Cambridge, England.

A number of other studies related to the Mediterranean diet showed health benefits.
Diet or a Mediterranean diet is much mengasup fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and
some livestock processed foods such as milk, cheese, butter, red meat is also very
small amount.

According to the researchers in the Archives of Internal Medicine, conducted research on diet and death rates of 380,296 men and
women aged 50-71 years who participated in the research program of diet and health of
AARP National Institutes of Health.Of the two groups, both men and women,
researchers found the risk of death due to various factors over the past five years
showed low numbers in the group who followed the diet closest to the ideal pattern
Mediterranean. The death rate from heart disease or cancer was also lower among this

The benefits seem very real to the group of smokers who are not overweight. This method successfully reduced the risk of
death by 50 percent after they were obeying a Mediterranean-style diet.
"The smokers are the most benefit from a diet rich in antioxidant elements. Also, have a
lower impact levels of fat in the blood through the Mediterranean way of eating,"
says Mitrou.