Healthy diet makes us avoid the various diseases and is the secret of longevity. A healthy diet also helps optimize the body's  energy levels are useful for dealing with stress.
But did you know that a lot of unhealthy diet that can bring in new diseases, or have negative side effects for the body? If not, you should look at reviews Flirty about diet trends that have loved women.
Trends in diet 1920-1940 era In 1920-1930, a campaign has been criticized in cigarette advertising. Lucky Strike cigarette brand using the tagline reads "Reach for a Lucky Instead of a Sweet." Ad model is well-
known celebrity slim body, giving rise to the misconception that smoking causes the body to keep slim. In fact, the dangers of smoking have been known together, of which cause infertility, heart disease, and lung cancer.                                                                                                                                                          However, the danger was not enough to make women aware of the era. Entering the year 1930-1940, the diet method that is loved is changing. Women in that era to find quicker ways to lower body weight, with diet lemonade or known as the Master Cleanse. The method developed by Stanley Burroughs. This diet recommends eating the culprit for the lemon juice, red pepper, and maple syrup in everyday life. Today, more than 70 years later, Beyonce Knowles reportedly uses the same program to lose a few pounds of body weight in the context of its role in the film Dreamgirls in 2006. Trends in the 1960s diet In the 1960s, various things about sharing and love is a concept that applies to diet.
Dieters start to form various groups to support an organization that was formed Overeaters Anonymous Overeaters. In 1961, Jean Nidetch invite friends in his native New York to talk about weight loss. Two years later, having lost 72 pounds, she launched Weight Watchers (a diet).
But there was a negative side contained therein. Diet with cabbage soup main menu is promised the perpetrators would weight down 17 pounds. In fact, dieters even claimed to feel other effects, namely the effect of high gas in their stomachs. Trends in diet 1970 In this era, a miracle pill so flattered. Even some brands of pills, pretending to have a function to stop the body in the workforce to absorb carbohydrates we consume. In essence, a variety of diet pills in this era promises to make your body slim, even if you still eat pizza and bread hobby.
The pills are claiming that there will be no adverse effects felt by consumers. However, after reporting abdominal pain and vomiting from consumers, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) United States pulled the pills that circulated in 1983 in order to do long-term investigation of side effects. As a result, the researchers found that the starch (a polysaccharide containing amylose and amylopectin) are not digested, and will immediately be brought to the intestines. Dexatrim pills, that appetite-suppressing drugs containing PPA (phenylpropanolamine) in the 2000s had also popular. Although some medical experts are still not sure about
the side effects for health.