Though not to be the benchmark of satisfaction in sex, small penis often make a man desperate and insecure. Of the many ways, doctors most often encourage patients to extend the penis by losing weight. Lose weight by exercising and eating healthy regulate not only to eliminate the fat in the body and away from the risk of disease is dangerous, but also the fat that covers the penis. This makes the fat man's penis appear smaller. Actual weight did not change the size of the penis become smaller or larger. By losing weight means to reduce the amount of fat in the whole body, such as the abdomen, chest, back, arm and including also the fat in the pubic area.

Launched Betterbodyjournal, Saturday (01/22/2011), men have pockets of fat in the pelvic area around the penis. In the circumstances however, this fat will be seen hanging. But if a man has a body fat, total fat in the area around the penis would be more and more. So by losing weight, you also will reduce the size of fat around the genitals that can cover the penis. When the fat is getting smaller, then the penis will look longer. If you have fat around the penis, the penis will usually look smaller. Physically, the penis is not smaller, but functionally become smaller, because the more fat that covers the area around the penis then it is likely to penetrate deeper into the penis will be smaller. This can easily be imagined by comparison, that is by trimming the pubic hair. When you trim the hair around the genitals, then the shaft of the penis will appear larger. This is the same as the fat around the pubic area that covers the penis. What is the length of the penis that can be obtained by weight loss varies for each person. Clearly, losing weight is easy and inexpensive way to make the penis look longer.