London: Women with migraines since childhood tend to gain excess weight in the future. A new study shows, four out of 10 women with migraine since childhood has gained at least 22 pounds since rolling into the age of 18. The scientists believe, this relationship can be caused by pain in the head. Feelings of nausea and vomiting associated with migraine can also make women change their diet and exercise. The research reported by Reuters and reported by AolHeath on Monday (28 / 2), mention these headaches are also common in obese women. One in four obese women reported having migraines compared with one in six normal weight women. "The higher the weight, the more common occurrence of headaches," says researcher "Women who are overweight has more than doubled the possibility of developing migraine," said Michelle A. Williams, of the University of Washington in Seattle, who led the study.

A study in 2009 found that obese children who lost weight while being treated for migraine, began to experience fewer symptoms of migraine compared with their counterparts who are obese or her weight continues to grow. William said there was still need for further research on this subject. "I will support the suggestions offered by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is promoting a lifestyle that includes healthy diet, regular physical activity, and avoid getting more weight gain in adulthood,"