VIVAnews - low-carbohydrate Mediterranean diet is very effective for people with diabetes. In addition to reducing levels of sugar in the body, the Mediterranean diet can also control the fat and calories in the body. With a Mediterranean-style diet, drug consumption sugar control in diabetics can also be reduced. That's according to research by a team of researchers from the University of Naples, Italy. The study, headed by Dr. Dario Giugliano study involved 215 patients with type 2 diabetes. The patients are required to make the Mediterranean diet for four years. The result, after 4 years of blood sugar levels of 44% of patients decreased significantly. Then, as much as 70% of patients also reduced their fat content. In the first year state of the patients in the control by nutrition experts every month. In the second to fourth, the controls carried out by two months. The medical examination of the patients showed increased levels of HDL (good cholesterol) in the body. Mediterranean diet is synonymous with a lot of eating lots of vegetables, fruits, grains and reduce intake of red meat. Ripening process was minimized, fat intake is obtained only from olive oil and nuts. Then, as much as possible avoid instant foods.