Is imagined when he heard the word of course crystal glass objects on display with unique shapes. But it was crystal not only for display, special crystal results of recent studies could even be used to a diet because it makes people eat less and early satiety.Researchers in the United States has successfully developed a new form crystals which are very helpful in avoiding the extra food portions by convincing the brain that the body does not need food.

Magical crystals known as Sensa Tastant, can be sprinkled into food that will then be issued a scent. This scent will give signals to the brain which states that the stomach is full of food, although the new eating less food. "Scientific principle behind Sensa is very simple. When you eat, smell and taste receptors will send a message to the brain to release hormones that tell the body that it is time to stop eating," said Dr.Alan Hirsch, neurologist at the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation , Chicago, as reported by Dailymail.