If we were undergoing weight-loss program, the wine could be oneoption
to consider. Recent research shows, wine consumption may shrink
weight. Scripps Clinic in San Diego, doing research on 100 people
suffering from obesity. Respondents consisted of men and women,
divided into two groups. The group who consumed a glass of wine or
grape juice every day, after 12 weeks decreased body weight to 1.5
pounds. The intensity of the wine consumption is carried out three
times a day.

While the group does not consume the wine during the program, only
anaged to lose weight as much as ½ pounds. This weight loss, not
equipped with any sport. That is, both groups only on-treatment with

Until recently, Scripps Clinic, still figuring out the content of what
makes wine so potent block- forming enzyme in fat and carbohydrates.
But this study also suggest to consult a doctor first, before applying
this diet. Because in certain circumstances, wine contrary to the
cholesterol-lowering drugs, lowering blood pressure,
sedatives, and antihistamines.