Okinawa - Long Age is the most ancient dreams of mankind. Three
communities in this remote town seems to have the answer to that
dream. What's their recipe? The three communities live in a remote
area on the island of Okinawa, Japan, Ovadda mountain town in
Sardinia, and Loma Linda in California, United States (U.S.). The
people there have a longer life than other regions in the world. If in
the UK the average life expectancy of a man about 77 years and women
81 years, in the three regions was even longer age. Okinawa has 1
million residents and more than 900 people have more than 100 years of
age. The amount is four times more than the UK or U.S. residents with
age over 100 years. More remarkable in Ovodda. There, the men and
women have the age of 100 years and over. The fact was clearly against
the global trend, ie age males are generally shorter than the age of
women. This fact gave birth to a variety of theories to explain why
long- age population. Researchers also tried to uncover the secret of
longevity is in three communities. In Okinawa, the researchers found,
aging occurs more slowly than other regions in the world. "Calendar
may say they are aged 70 years, but the condition of their bodies are
still like 50 years old. The most amazing, most of them remained
healthy until death," says Bradley Willcox, a researcher who
discovered the remarkable phenomenon. Experts also highlighted the
fact that Okinawa residents not only eat fish and soy in number than
the population of the world's most lots are lain.Mereka also consume a
variety of vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidants. Experts call it
the "rainbow diet." While residents Ovodda not take into account the
number of calories or the types of foods they eat. However, of every
1700 residents there are five people who have over 100 years of age.
Amazingly, the number of men and women over the age of 100 years in
balance. For hundreds of years, families living in isolated Ovodda.
They got married with another family member. In fact, most people
there are descended from only a few native people. While in Loma
Linda, California, longevity secrets because they are not genetic
factors. The secret lies in a healthy and balanced lifestyle which
they apply. Most of them followers of Seventh Day Adventist Church
which forbids drinking alcohol and smoking as well as implement a
vegetarian lifestyle. (Sindo /) (pie)