Raw fish, Menu Diet Victoria Beckham BY become a model for every design, Victoria Beckham is willing to lower the body weight with a strict diet. Reportedly, Posh Spice is only eating raw fish and fruit. As reported by DailyStar on Hollyscoop, former Spice Girls turned out to undergo a strict diet by eating only fruits and raw fish. In fact, when hungry at night, Vic just drink a glass of wine only. "Every night, Victoria is only drinking a glass of wine without dinner. He thought, he was the best ambassadors for any clothing designed. So Vic wanted to continue to be a skinny model," said one source close. Not only want to have a thin body, but the owner of this clothing line DVB has another obsession of her performance interesting.she wants to satisfy his fans with her body shape is sexy and seductive. "I'm fine, happy and healthy. It's like a responsibility that must be my waistband when people are obsessed with the size and shape of my body," said David Beckham's wife. "I am very appreciative of the young girls and women who see myself as a role model and very easy to say what is true that I do not eat and I was not healthy," he continued. Although limiting the intake of food, fashion icon is asserted himself keep the positive energy that could help him move. "I made a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. I still have energy for my three children and also taking care of business around the world of fashion which I struggled," he concluded. Strict diet by young designers is evident when she only ate one apple on a flight for 5 hours from Boston to Los Angeles City. Although located in a first class flight, but Vic still keeping his body in order to remain an ideal. She did not touch any food. This also makes a lot of people forget when Vic is a mother of three sons. Interested in following the strict diet like Victoria?