Seduced by chocolate while dieting program? Relax, do not have to worry about not be able to enjoy this tasty snack. Simply choose dark chocolate then we will stay flat stomach. According to the University of Copenhagen, when we enjoy dark chocolate in the morning, at lunch time we would eat less. Why so? The raw material that is in the dark chocolate will slowly digested by our stomachs and help feeling full longer. And a piece of chocolate (about the size of a business card) is quite effective to resist the urge us to enjoy salty foods, sweet and fatty foods.

In addition to dark chocolate, there are many other foods that can make a stay full. A recent survey in Australia include orange to number 38 for a filling meal. Why, oranges are rich in fiber with a fresh taste that people liked. And if you talk about fiber, it is the active ingredient which can destroy fat perfectly. Similarly, cheese and skim milk. In cheese per 28 grams contains 76 calories. Fresh cheese also contains linoleic acid (CLA), which will help the body burn fat and make us full. While in milk, has a protein that will make us early satiety than other sugary beverages. Plus milk CLA also has a function to burn fat in the body. ( PreventionIndonesia / MEL)