Vegetarian and vegan lifestyle
is to eat less animal foods whose purpose is
to maintain health. There are striking
differences between vegans and vegetarians.
Before deciding on one of them should find
out what the difference of these two types of
dietary patterns.
The most popular reason someone disclosed
that being vegetarian is a health problem,
because only consume a diet rich in fruits,
vegetables and grains which keep the heart
Instead the reason someone does a vegan
diet because of health problems,
environment, ethics and others.
As quoted from Hubpages, Tuesday
(20/4/2010) there is a very sederhaan
difference between vegetarians with vegans.
People who do not eat meat vegetarian diet,
vegan diet while those who did not consume
any animal products so it will not consume
meat, milk and even eggs.
Vegetarians who eat meat usually just feel
guilty, while the vegans tend to be more pro-
active boycott of all products derived from
Meanwhile, other differences that cause a
person to become vegetarian or vegan is a
person's personal taste. Some people there
who do not like the taste of meat, while other
people there who become sick despite eating
only one drop of milk.
Vegetarian is itself divided into several types
based on the intake of any food consumed,
1. Pescatarian, the type of diet that does
not consume all kinds of foods made
from meat and other animal foods
meat but still eat fish. Most people will
adopt this method hopes to turn into a
2. Flexitarian or semi-vegetarian, which is
a term for someone who almost
became a vegetarian. Most of the food
consumed is a vegetable or fruit, but
sometimes also eat meat or just eat fish
and chicken only.
3. Lacto-vegetarian, someone who does
not eat eggs, beef, pork, poultry, fish,
shellfish and other animal products. But
this type are still eating foods derived
from dairy products.
4. Ovo-vegetarian, someone who eat
eggs but do not eat anything that
comes from meat or dairy products.
5. Lacto-ovo-vegetarian, which combines
program lacto and ovo vegetarian diet.
Someone still consume milk, butter,
cheese, eggs and other products except
One of the things to look at before deciding
what diet to be taken is to look at the effect of
diet on health, as quoted from buzzle, there
are differences in the health benefits of these
two types of diet, namely:
Vegetarians, have health benefits like lowering
cholesterol in the blood, reducing the risk of
diseases of heart and stroke, has a lifespan
(age), which is longer than people who ate
meat, help you lose weight, reduce the
likelihood of diabetes, gallbladder and
gallstone problems.
Vegan, have health benefits such as
improved cardiovascular health, because
healthy cardiovascular avoid fat and
cholesterol in the diet, lowers high blood
pressure, help fight against type 2 diabetes,
preventing breast cancer and bone
degeneration associated with age, arthritis or
By understanding the difference between this
diet, then you can choose one of them to be
able to change the pattern of life that exist
today. But before you actually decide, it could
not hurt to consult with your doctor about
your actual health condition.