Be careful in choosing drugs for the
diet! A study proves that diet drugs can
increase suicidal thoughts.
Every person who has the problem of excess
weight usually dream to lower his body
weight in an instant. Not infrequently, the
drugs can reduce appetite diet was chosen to
speed up the process.
However, a study to prove, that such drugs
do not always good for consumption. The
European Medicines Evaluation Agency finds
the fact that reliever medication appetite to
give effect to that fatal if taken without the
supervision of experts.
Acomplia diet drug is one that has certainly
had a fatal risk. Quoted from
Theindependent, Tuesday (11/04/2008), as
many as 97,000 people in Britain use the
drug to overcome the problem of excess
Ironically, 5 to 36 000 patients committed
suicide while taking the drug. From several
studies ultimately found that Acomplia
stimulates the brain to reduce hunger. But in
some people, the effects of these stimuli can
turn into anxiety disorders and even
The situation will get worse when the patient
Acomplia combine it with sedatives to cope
with excessive anxiety and depression they
experienced. The combination of sedative and
Acomplia will lead to psychiatric disorders in
Losing weight is better not done in a way that
instant. Changing to a healthier lifestyle, as
well as regular exercise is the best way.
(Kee / eny)