LONDON - We've often heard that a strict diet without the supervision of a doctor or nutritionist will have long term adverse impact on the health of the body. So what about short-term adverse effects? The study conducted on rats showed, with a strict diet for 10 consecutive days can cause the nature of senile, hard exercise and lazy berkegiatan. Meanwhile, different conditions occur in mice that are included in the low diet
group. When compared with mice group strict diet, they are known can not utilize oxygen as an energy source
when they move. Their bodies were weak and showed symptoms of a daze. The experts later concluded that a strict diet will make someone being strict dieting tend to be lazy and stupid. "The Europeans are generally much that on a strict diet. Long-term impact on a strict diet, among other complications illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, and heart failure," said University of Cambridge researcher Andrew Murray, as quoted from Live Science, on Thursday (13 / 8 / 2009). "As for short- term effect, a strict diet will make a person easy to dementia, loss of concentration and lazy," he added. Murray hopes that this discovery could
open the eyes of every person to be more careful when deciding to diet. So that they can get health benefits from diet the right way. (Srn)