You wonder why the weight goes up and down easily? You now have an answer. According to researchers, this is because you have certain types of protein in your blood. Angiotensin converting enzyme protein is closely related to female body weight, and how she maintains her form after dieting.With a simple blood test, you can find out if you include people who are easy to raise the weight when the diet is stopped. "Unlike people think, we were actually not difficult to lose weight. The difficulty is to maintain it," said Susan Jebb, from the Medical Research Council nutrition center in Cambridge. "Yo-yo diet is psychologically confusing people, and is a recurring cycle, which makes us feel like a failure and less confident."

Researchers from eight countries in Europe, including Britain, has analyzed the blood of 96 people who had successfully dieting to lose weight. Half of these managed to maintain weight, or even hold it down. But the other half of his weight was rising again. Well, they are able to maintain that ideal weight tend to decrease levels of enzymes in large quantities. It's unclear how proteins that affect people on a diet, but this protein is believed to have upset the hormones that control how satisfied we are, and makes the body store extra fat and water. For James Stubbs, doctors obesity in Slimming World, keep the weight down is still important to the success of diet programs.