AB Blood Type Diet Blood type AB, was the last blood type,
known 1000 years BC.

Dr. Peter J.D 'Adamo said at the time our ancestors began to change his lifestyle to a modern direction. The recommended type of food is a fusion of foods that are allowed to be consumed by the owners of the blood group A and B. Actually, the type of food blood type A and B are very contradictory.
Blood group B persons are advised to eat a variety of foods, blood type A while the owners are advised to consume only plants, aka the vegetarian diet.

For that Dr. Peter J.D 'Adamo recommends that owners of AB blood group more of a vegetarian diet but still consume dairy products at a given time. Especially when do exercise .Group own blood as the blood group AB are still quite rare as a whole is more stable than blood A and B because it can have most of the advantages and intolerance of blood groups A and B.

Blood type is also considered to have the best immune system better than other blood types, but on the other hand are also vulnerable to serious illnesses like heart disease, neurological disease and cancer. In the blood group AB are also encouraged sport associated with relaxation and meditation. Foods that are recommended for this blood group include seafood, dairy products, some
types of nuts and are not recommended is like red meat, red beans and corn.

In connection with these necessary nutrients, the body actually requires organic foods including organic vegetable material with a complete nutrition in accordance with certain blood type, and it involves all the needs of prebiotics and probiotics and enzymes, vitamins, minerals and amino acids essential for optimizing body functions.