Many people take for granted the water intake is not it? Water is a major component of their diets in which dietary nutrition experts say that water holds a key role in most of the weight reduction program. Let us look at the role of water helps your body to lose fat by following benefits: - » Water can decrease appetite and reduce hunger. » Assisting the body in fat burning process which coagulates. Heart will have difficulty in carrying out its functions when the kidneys are not getting enough water. » Reducing excess body fat. » Solve problems during the stoppage of water bodies that hold water in it so as not to run out. » Reduce the sodium in the body piles. » Help maintain muscle health and flexibility. » Dirt-dirt and toxic substances in the body. » Overcome the difficulty defecating. Therefore, it is recommended to drink 1-5 liters of water a day, coupled with a 250ml a day when we increased the weight 10kg.