Researchers at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard University said, that a person who underwent the Atkins diet, can suffer from clogged arteries because of the effects of diet and increase the risk of heart disease. The study was conducted by analyzing the effects of two kinds of diet. One group of mice a diet consisting of 43% carbohydrate, 42% fat, and 15% protein, while the other group a diet with 12% carbohydrate, 43% fat, and 45% protein. The results showed that mice that underwent low-carb diets have clogged arteries twice the normal diet rats. The researchers conclude that the effect of low-carb diets can have negative effects on the cardiovascular, at least that's what happens in animals. Issues raised from this study could help address the growing obesity and the risk of obesity. For now, with a balanced diet and doing regular exercise, it is best for everyone.