Many women who have problems in the form of a distended abdomen. To eliminate them would be on a diet and exercise. If you include women who have a problem with belly fat while on a diet and exercise, overcome also using the right clothes.Some forms of clothing have the effect of illusion and can cover a distended abdomen. Just follow the five steps in choosing the next outfit, so that your belly can be covered perfectly.

1. Use a corset or other body shaper before using the clothes. The effect not only makes the stomach look smaller, your body tends to be in good posture.
2. Make a camouflage color with the game. Do not use colors like light brown or pale gray and bright colors as the boss, because it will make your belly become the focus of vision. Pick a dark color or a pattern of small size as superior to disguise the shape stomach.
3. Avoid tight tops, and choose a little loose. Bosses are tight it will make visible protruding belly. But, be careful in selecting superior materials, choose one that is not too thick. Any size must fit not too big.
4. If not using a corset, use a pair of intersecting "high-waist" to hold your stomach. With these pants inevitably you will keep your stomach and also in the upright posture.
5. Select the top-shaped "high-waist who focus their vision on the chest area. Thus, the shape of a distended abdomen became less visible.