Forget heavy exercise that takes energy to lose weight. There are
other ways that do not have to make you miserable. That is, with a
diet high in calcium. According to health experts, high calcium intake
is more than enough to lose weight in those who are obese rather than
vigorous exercise, which was torturing the body. High Calcium?
However, high calcium foods such as milk and other dairy products such
as cheese, etc. But many women avoided because too high in fat and
calories. But research conducted by Angelo Tremblay of the Universite
Laval's Faculty of Medicine and his team proved the benefits of
high-calcium diet to lose weight. But diet is only successful in those
who consume less calcium in their daily life. The team conducted
experiments on several women who are obese. Before the research done,
the people who are obese is only taking 600 milligrams of calcium a
day. Far below the recommended intake of calcium is 1,000 milligrams
every day a day. For 15 weeks, respondents were asked to consume 1200
milligrams of calcium. And the result, respondents who eat the
recommended calcium lost weight about 6 pounds in 15 weeks. "According
to our hypothesis, the brain can detect the lack of calcium in the
body and seek compensation by encouraging the desire to eat. That's
what causes weight gain, "said Tremblay who is also the Head of the
Canada Research Chair in Environment and Energy Balance. "Calcium
intake is sufficient to maintain the stability of an appetite," he
said. In addition to helping overcome the weight problems, high
calcium intake or as directed may also help reduce levels of bad
cholesterol in the body. Items are not only high calcium milk or
cheese, but many other prosuk that need to be consumed in a balanced
way. For example, beans, avocad, and broccoli. In the study conducted
earlier Tremblay, revealed that women who consume low-calcium more
have a weight problem, waist circumference, even the level of bad
cholesterol in the body. Other research also proves, those that reduce
the intake of milk or dairy products for more than six years will have
increased body weight and waist circumference.