No stranger to the food of the Interior named Sakura Sushi instead. The food is very famous all over the world because it is a typical food of the Japanese state was found to have excess to your current diet program. Food is never referred to as less healthy food in America is indeed a much-debated because in more than 20 restaurants in the United States found the fish in sushi contain much mercury. As we know that the substance mercury is not good for growing babies and children. Actually a lot of events was the discovery of mercury because the fish is served uncooked fish used and the type of tuna. Though the fish in sushi is best derived from species of salmon and cooked first. Raw fish in sushi does not mean the fish meat is processed directly from the sea without the slightest. But the fish was still processed in a way more minimal than cook other food. Why is it important in helping you who are on a diet? Processed products have perfect sushi nori content that we can see from sushi wrappers. Nori has the potential to reduce the retention of body fat is 75%. Apart from these foods, we can also add a natural fiber in the foods we eat everyday so that three quarters of the fat in foods can be reduced from our bodies.You also have to be careful in choosing a snack. Many of us find a snack in the form of snacks at the supermarket which will condition the high calorie content.