Based on the results show a low-fat diet did not reduce the incidence of diabetes. Dr. Lesley from Seatlle said that weight loss is the dominant predictor to reduce the risk dianbetes than macronutrient composition. The research team has analyzed 46 000 women aged 50 to 79 years who suffer from diabetes. 18,376 people were randomly assigned to intervention measures and the remaining 27,511 included in the control group. The purpose of dietary intervention was conducted to provide 20% energy from fat, which is accompanied with the provision of vegetables or fruits as much as 5 or more servings each day. Both groups were not given targetuntuk lose weight or exercise activities.

At the end of the study, the incidence of diabetes was reported in 7.1% and 7.4% of intervention subjects in the control group. Of the interactions that indicate a greater risk reduction if the reduced-fat diet. The role of low-fat diet in the prevention of diabetes is only a mediator of weight loss.