Is there a best day to lose weight? Of course! However, when the best
day for you, it depends on your lifestyle. If you want to know the
best day to streamline the waist and shrink the stomach, you need to
look at your daily activities. To optimize your free time, Stephanie
Vitorino, fitness trainers from Equinox Woodland Hills, USA, suggested
that berolahrada your best day is when you can burn more calories.
Namely, on the day after you have rested enough, which in general is
Monday. Why Monday could be the best day you exercise? "Today it's the
beginning you start the activity again," said Stephanie. "After
enjoying the holiday weekend and rest enough, you'll be pumped to
exercise maximally, because you still have energy reserves. Normally,
the body does not easily feel tired. Automatic You can exercise in a
long time, and burn more calories." Stephanie also explained that the
sport on Monday could be the start of a good week for the next
exercise program. For example, you can break on Tuesday, and started
working out again on Wednesday. And, the next exercise schedule on
Friday. That way, you can rest on a holiday weekend and again began to
burn calories on Monday. If you are quite busy, doing simple and cheap
exercise, like jogging for 30 minutes a day, swimming for 30-45
minutes per session, lifting weights or gym floor. "Importantly, after
exercise you need to rest the body for at least 24 hours, before
exercising again," says Stephanie. However, if your work schedule is
very solid, and feel very tired on Monday, try to rest on Tuesday, and
begin to burn calories on Wednesday. In essence, find out your best
time to exercise tailored to your activities!