When the mood is not good, you need special nutritional intake. Do diet by eating foods that can make you feel more comfortable. According to nutrition experts from the United States Monica Grenfell, while psychological condition was not comfortable, take the intake of certain foods. For example, during cloudy or hot weather conditions that make the body tired and uncomfortable. "When the erratic weather conditions, you can easily carry emotions. For that you need a diet that can evoke the spirit," said Grenfell. We're emotional, we tend to eat at random which makes it convenient. And it triggered a sharp increase body weight. What are some foods that can make our mood better without having to make weight soared? Here are some types of foods that are recommended Grenfell.

1 Breakfast cereals Cereals contain folic acid which helps the body absorb iron. This mineral is needed for the body to overcome fatigue.
2 Wheat Eating oatmeal that contains nutrients alkaloids and flavonoids. These antioxidants vitamin B will help to work so they can make our mood better.
3 Potatoes or pasta Choose a high carbohydrate diet and low protein for dinner. For such a menu at night will help the body prepare itself to be more relaxed and ready for sleep.
4 Turkey, bananas, dates, yogurt, tuna These foods contain tryptophan, an amino acid which release the hormone serotonin which makes the feeling more comfortable and happy.
5 Lettuce These vegetables contain lactucarium a calming effect.
6 Cottage cheese In addition to a very high protein, cottage cheese types also contain tryptophan.
7 Milk Drinking milk before bedtime will make you more soundly and wake up with more spirit. Add pure honey to give effect more comfortable.
8 Bean sprouts, broccoli, cabbage These vegetables contain lots of folic acid se [erties of wheat.
9 Meat You need vitamin B6 in the flesh. According to studies, people who are not in a good mood condition vitamin B6 in the body is very low. vitamins.
10 Bananas The fruit is high in carbohydrates and natural fruit sugar. Eating bananas enough to make you satisfied and comfortable so there is no desire to snack.