Diet on Weekends .What is your plan to face this long weekend? Attending parties here and there or lounging at home after a tired working all week? Whatever your plans, do not forget diet and exercise. The problem is, the habit on weekends, such as sleeping, being lazy, and snacking can add weight to about 4.5 kg per year. At least, this is a published researcher in the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis in the journal Obesity. The team found that people were disciplined with diet and exercise throughout the workday. As the weekend approached, all forgotten. Then on the following Monday, pants feel tighter and the scale needle move more to the right. "There is no way to avoid it, the additional weight on the weekends to be consistent," said James Hill, founder of the National Weight Control Registry. Here are some tips to avoid additional weight at the weekend: Always monitor weight We recommend that you weigh the body every day, or at least every Friday and Monday. When the weight crept up, that's a sign you should reduce lazy on weekends. Considering the body is best done after a bowel movement in the morning. Junk food, no way! You may have more time on the weekends, so why eat fast food? Take time to prepare and enjoy whole foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, fiber, meat, and low-fat dairy products. Serve a bowl of soup or vegetables into pieces as a snack. Eating solid food fiber and protein will keep you satisfied for hours. Do not be lazy to move Rather than just being lazy, use your weekend time for cycling, mountain ride, play tennis, or take a walk with the family. Even go shopping to the mall can be categorized exercise. Use a pedometer (step counter) and stop if the display already shows the number 10,000. Healthy Breakfast At the weekend, you've got all the time in the world to enjoy breakfast. Avoid breakfast a la agriculture rich in fat, sodium, and calories. Enough with the one or two eggs, bread wheat, and fruits. Or choose a bowl of high fiber cereal with low-fat yogurt and fruit. Healthy breakfast is to increase enthusiasm for the day. Those who are successful with her diet had never left home before breakfast. Think: Slim, slim, slim! Instill a desire to lose weight in your mind all weekend, so work hard all week was not in vain. A little spoiled-spoiled still tolerable, but do not get used to. While hanging out, give more attention to people and what was discussed, and only a little on food.