raw food diet which was introduced by Dr Max Bircher-Benner, became popular in America since 1926. This type of diet is actually not strange for people of Indonesia. Menu Karedok or vegetables that are always there in every dish Sunda same with raw food is not it? Until now, Hollywood celebrities like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Gery Halliwell, Jennifer Lopez and Demi Moore are still implementing this diet is to maintain the beauty of their bodies.
Benefits According to Natalie Rose, in the book The Raw Food Detox Diet. this raw food diet was not only lose weight, but also makes skin look younger and attractive, the body feels more fresh and fit, energized, increase stamina, and dispels the body and mouth odor. Raw food diet also can neutralize high blood pressure, lower cholesterol, cure the allergy, as an antidepressant as well as to stabilize the emotions. You interested?
2 Types of raw food diet
1. All food must be raw without cooking. These include vegetables, fruits, nuts, also meat and raw fish.
2. May only eat green vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and so on in a raw state. While meat and fish should be cooked.

Why healthy? Usually, when cooking on the temperature of 46-48 degrees Celsius foodstuffs will lose some of the nutrients and enzymes which actually is needed by the body. If consumed in raw conditions, nutrients and enzymes contained in vegetables will come out mixed with the enzyme produced by the body. Blend these two enzymes that can provide optimal benefits for the body.

Weakness At the beginning of implementing this diet, the body tends to feel weak, always feeling tired, headache and mild depression. Furthermore, if carried out in the long term will lead to lack of protein dieters. That's why this diet is not recommended for pregnant women, people who need high protein and and children.


1. Should be gradual and should not be too hard on yourself.
2. At this early stage, dieters are allowed to consume food cooked for the detoxification process that occurs is not too excessive.
3. Avoid foods that can poison the body, such as preserved foods, use of dyes and chemicals.
4. Eat foods that can be digested, such as fruits and vegetables. Fast food means the food is digested easily removed from the body, do not settle.
5. Note the combination of foods. Fruits should be eaten separately from other foods. Foods containing animal protein sources should be eaten separately with vegetable sources of carbohydrates.
6. Menu foods can be combined between raw and cooked foods. For example, cooked food in the form of brown rice, tempeh or tofu, meat and fish. While raw foods can be selected between raw vegetables, raw or gado-gado salad vegetables.