Who does not want a fantastic slim body Like catwalk model. But for the bs get such a distinguished body that is not easy. Especially for you- you who once ate a hobby and culinary tours here and there. The models have to be patient to hold foods who they want. Where stand-ice cream with chocolate-cake who lined up in a shop window. ... tempting ONCE! After trying a long time, this is my style tips to get the ideal body. Without dieting, you can eat whenever you want.

1. Eat regular Regular here means do not be put off eating. Try stp-day breakfast, lunch and dinner on time. By eating regular meals, the portion would not be excessive.
2. Get plenty of rest 6-8hour/day distinguished body needs. Try to meet ya.
3. Tea Here it is the key. Do not forget to drink tea yes. For you who like to drink green tea, go 3x a day. If I am, drinking my tea which is tea TEAK CHINA. Apart from good to release the fat so smooth bowel movements. Teak tea is also good for lowering cholesterol levels. Before drinking the tea teak, very difficult to lower the weight. 3 weeks I dropped 3kg. My neighbor down 6kg in a month.