No doubt many of you have ever tried various diet programs and not
succeeded. If so maybe you could try the latest diet trend that is
using social networking sites, Twitter. This diet program called Tweet
What You Eat (TWYE). TWYE not like diets in general that require and
prohibit you from eating certain foods. TWYE programs such as diaries
form your menu at any time. That is to publish on Twitter foods and
beverages you eat and calorie content. If you have too many calories
to consume, then the TWYE-ers (the follower TWYE) will warn you. They
will also support by giving them knowledge about the diet to you via
Twitter. Through this way, it turns out one may be more motivated to
be consistent in the diet. Research also shows groups like TWYE diet,
can make the diet more effective. That's because women will eat less
when he was considered a lot of people. If you follow this TWYE also
be prepared to face the harsh words from some followers, if the number
of calories is excessive. Certainly the reaction of people on Twitter
will vary, there is support, give advice and there are also annoying.
Actually, the key to a successful diet is consistent with the program
is doing and always keep your diet, although weight loss has
decreased. So, try to go on a diet with a consistent and disciplined.