Get slim and healthy body need not actually too complicated business.
By eating fruit every two hours, you can lose weight up to five pounds
in three days. Diet fruit called the Fruit Flush 3 Day Detox is also
well as a detoxification tool to remove toxins in your body. "For
three days eat the fruit, the digestive system a rest from the heavy
burden of digesting a variety of foods. Fruits and vegetables also
will rid the body of toxins, "said Jay Robb, nutritionist and author
of Fruit Flush 3 Day Detox. In a book written by Robb, the water
content and fiber in the fruit will expel toxins in the digestive
organs and blood. The toxin, says Robb, is an accumulation due to
consumption of unhealthy foods such as fried foods, fatty meats and
other foods high in cholesterol. What makes the diet Fruit Flush 3 Day
Detox is different is the intake of high protein ingredient that
increases muscle mass. This will help the process of burning fat
faster. "When you eat fruit, vegetables, and high-protein without fat
ingredients for 36 hours, you burn fat and increase muscle mass," said
Robb. American Dietetic Association spokeswoman, Elisa Zied, say, this
diet is quite safe and effective. "When you combine the protein with
fruit, fiber and protein will work together to stabilize blood sugar,"
he said.

How to run this diet? The first day On the first day, you have not
started eating lots of fruit. On this first day you need to consume
lots of protein drinks to increase muscle mass. Every two hours
starting at 08.00-16.00, you should consume protein drinks. For
dinner, the consumption of 3-6 cups raw vegetable salad with two
tablespoons of olive oil. Can also eat half avocado fruit.

The second and third day Every two hours, during at 08.00-16.00, eat
fresh fruit salad and drinking eight glasses of mineral water. For
dinner, the same as the first day menu, but make a variety of fruit so
as not boring.