The word fat is identical to the source causes of body fat. But make no mistake, there are several types of oils or fats that actually makes the body thinner and leaner. It's some kind of fat that is friendly to your waist circumference.

Coconut oil Most oils, including corn and olive oil, will break down into fatty acids that enter the body and absorb fat. Palm oil is rich in a type of fat that is rarely present in other foods that middle chain triglycerides (MCTs). At dinner MCTs, instead of going in digestion, fat will go to the liver and function as energy. Plus, the body needs extra energy to digest MCTs. "Intake of coconut oil to burn 45 calories," said Marie-Pierre St-Onge, assistant professor of nutrition at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The best way to use coconut oil is sauteing vegetables. However, use this oil over medium heat, because coconut oil is damaged at high temperature. We suggest using virgin coconut oil. Do not use coconut oil instead of saturated improve cholesterol.

Enova Oil Traditional oils generally contain three fatty acids, but only Enova oil contains two fatty acids that are beneficial to the body. Similar to coconut oil, enova straight to the heart and serves as energy. Diets that include 15 percent of daily calories from Enova or about 3-8 tablespoons, body fat will shrink three percent more than the diet with vegetable oil. Enova oil with neutral taste and aroma is suitable for salad dressings, or used for baking and and sautéing. But do not use it for frying because of changing tastes and colors in hot conditions. In addition, the price is also more expensive than vegetable oils.

Peanut butter From the study, people who ate peanut butter has a lower weight than those who avoid this food. The combination of protein, fat and fiber in peanut butter to make energy remains fully charged and make people eat less. Purdue University researchers uncover all kinds of beans affective maintain weight. People who add nuts in their diet for 19 weeks are able to burn more calories at rest than the 11 percent that does not include peanut butter. Therefore, unsaturated fats in nuts and peanut butter to burn fat faster. Use mashed beans to add flavor noodles or satay. Breakfast muffins can also be interspersed with peanut butter. Fiber-rich chunky peanut better than the bean liquid. Nutritionist Bonnie Taub-Dix of New York suggested that the ideal amount of peanut butter consumption is between one to two tablespoons. Good fats turn bad for your health if eaten did not fit the needs of the body. All fats generally contain nine calories per gram. In order to get the ideal body weight, preferably alternating / create fat to obtain the best benefits. to fat already in your diet, not their tactics to what's on your plate.