fiber intake is often overlooked. Whereas it is essential nutritional needs to maintain body condition remains healthy. Fill your daily fiber needs to get the maximum benefit. Fiber needs of men and women differently. Men need 38 grams of fiber per day, while women 25 grams per day. By meeting the needs of fiber, you will get many benefits. Foods that contain lots of fiber keep you full longer. This prevents you eat too much and could dampen the desire to snack. To you who are in the diet, eat high- fiber vegetables mengadung first, before eating other foods, like rice or side dishes. Fiber also helps you control your calorie intake to the body so as not to overdo it. Thus, body weight became more balanced and controlled. In choosing the best fiber derived from natural materials such as fruits and vegetables. Currently, there are many fibrous instant beverage products. However, these products do not contain vitamins, minerals and other nutrients found in natural fibers. Not to mention, the high sugar content can improve blood sugar levels. The signs of the body lacks the weight of fiber is increased dramatically, high cholesterol and sugar levels are not balanced. From now on, always input fiber in your diet. Consumption of vegetables such as spinach, beans, broccoli because it contains lots of fiber. Risk of diabetes, heart disease and colon cancer can also be reduced by eating enough fiber.