Secret Body Beautiful Jennifer Love Hewitt Who does not know Jennifer Love Hewitt? Actress Julie in the movie I Know What You Did Last Summer is indeed time to shine in the era of the late 1990s. Beautiful physique not only seized the attention of Adam on the screen, but also the Eve of 'envy' with a sexy posture. However, she remains a woman, a woman who has the same anxiety that other woman, who always want the ideal body posture. "For the most part, yes, I'm happy with my body. But, there are days where I felt, 'huh? why these jeans suddenly tight? " That's when I said to myself, 'This is as it should'. If every day seems the same, we will look boring, "says Jen. Keeping the body stay fit, this time Jen share her secret strategy in SHAPE Magazine, which cited VIVAnews, Saturday, September 26, 2009, in order to stay slim and confident.

Place the refrigerator diet To maintain a healthy intake of food and fresh, always Jen shopping once every two days. "To heap of food in the refrigerator that kept saying 'Come eat me!" No need every day, just a few days on a regular basis, "said the actress was born February 21, 1979. "And, I'm forced to not be tempted with foods that make fat at night," she said.

Always lunch It was no secret, the last few years, many young actresses who are obsessed with super thin body. Yes, Jennifer found a trend that is really disturbing. "But now times have changed. Not long ago, I went to a celebrity luncheon, and there only am I the only person in the dining room. Other women looked at me like I did not get a memo, but I'm very hungry! " Jen story. "The women were worried that if a woman ate, it would be a disaster. It does not make sense," she added.

Often praise yourself Since the age of 30 years ago in February, Jen practicing the art of positive thinking. Each night, she always mentions five things sexy about her body. "I always feel beautiful when asleep," she said. "The next morning, before leaving the house, did I mention five things I love most of my body, like 'oh, I have beautiful eyes,' That way, when I go out, I feel much more fit and confident," says actor Del Blaine in cinema The Tuxedo with Jackie Chan in 2002.Do not be so easily carried away the environment When observed, we are indeed difficult to see Jennifer hang out or party with other Hollywood stars. "I do not really like a big party," said Jen. "Working all day and ended at a club with 150 people drunk and sweaty it felt that the worst idea ever. In the closing days, I'd rather walk with my girlfriend (Kamie Kennedy, actor Ghost Whisperer), or with family," said Jen .