Who does not want to enjoy chocolate and a glass of wine every day.
Moreover, it turns out to consume wine and chocolate can make weight
shrink, as well as create a healthier heart. It also can reduce the
risk of developing dementia (a disease associated with memory
capabilities), and diabetes. It sounds "too good to be true", but
that's the result of research by Professor Roger Corder, a health
expert from nggris. Corder research has been done for 25 years, for
found an association between consumption of wine or drink wine and
heart health. "I am doing this research for many years, to discover
the health benefits of wine," said Corder. "For optimal results, I
recommend to take a glass of red wine every day," Corder added. Red
wine contains a chemical that is procyanidin, which can also be found
on the type of dark chocolate. Procynidin can help to help facilitate
the circulation of blood. Then, to reduce levels of bad cholesterol
(LDL) and increase good cholesterol (EC) in the body. Some foods that
also have these chemicals are Berri fruit, nuts, apples, and cinnamon.
If you are interested to follow the "Wine Diet", Prof. Corder provide
some clues. Red Wine: Try drinking red wine with a rate of 125 ml /
glass every day. However, no more than 2 glasses per day. Choose the
type of red wine instead of a mild type. Because red wine of mild type
procyanidin which does not contain enough to kesahatan body. In his
book, Prof. Corder advised to choose a red wine with tannin levels,
acidity, and a sense that more kuat.Sebagai example, choose a type of
red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon, Bordeaux, or Merlot. Dark Chocolate: Try
to eat two or three pieces of dark chocolate every day (if you're not
drinking red wine you can replace it by eating dark chocolate). Diet:
Eat three meals a day, if you want to snack try; an apple, 4 walnuts.
Do not forget to eat green vegetables to increase antioxidants that
can counteract free radicals in the body.