If we watch television, watch a movie, or read newspapers and magazines, lots of ads for weight loss. Many are part of it. But keep in baseball do we go on a diet? We can see that talks about this diet is everywhere. There is a diet high in protein, low-fat diet, vegetable diet, diets do not eat rice, and many more, which sometimes makes us wonder: Where's a suitable diet for teenagers like us? In fact, many of us to feel depressed because of trying hard to lose weight by trying various diets. Instead of losing weight, eh even many who enter the hospital and be treated for the wrong diet. The reason people go on a diet variety. Most of us are dieting because it was too fat and should be more attention to diet and exercise for the portion of the body more fit and healthy. Meanwhile, some other people feel better and look more attractive if their weight is reduced a few pounds. Some are dieting because they feel must keep up appearances for slim like a model. As we know, the model and indeed all artists tend to lean slender body, and fashion clothes today largely exhibited by a very thin models. Clothing that is fashionable even though the new look good when worn by people who are thin. This is what makes us tempted to look like them. But verily, style verythin the model is not realistic for most teenagers like us, especially the girls. During his youth, the girl's body shape changes (such as hip and breast growth) is a natural thing, although we are no longer made to look like the models on television who was flat as a board. A strict diet to make up our bodies like them, may actually be harmful to ourselves. One-one, we even got sick and had to be hospitalized! On a diet means restricting calorie consumption carefully or certain foods. During done proportionally with respect to the needs of our body, diet can make our weight is reduced and body healthy. However, if done carelessly can be fatal, especially for us who are in a period of growth due to nutritional deficiencies in the type and amount of the right to interfere with the growth and overall body health. What kind of diet that is harmful to teens? First, we recommend eating a diet far less calories than we need every day. On average, boys aged 11-14 years require 2500 calories per day and increased to 2800 calories at the age of 15-18 years. As for girls aged 11-18 years require 2200 calories per day. The more active, we will need more calories. Second, a diet that does not allow us to consume fat at all. Our bodies also still need fat. Low-fat diet is much better than the diet without fat altogether. Third, a diet that limits us to eat a certain food groups. Diets that encourage us not to eat carbohydrates (rice, noodles, bread or pasta) altogether and just eat fruit and vegetables are also not healthy because of our need for vitamins and minerals would not be provided only by eating fruits and vegetables only. Eat healthy foods and exercise regularly in a reasonable portion will help us lose weight and still grow normally. For most adolescents, more activity will help us lose weight without changing diet. But if we really feel too fat and want to go on a diet to manage weight, consult your doctor or nutritionist first. If they think we do need to lose weight, they will be able to help us to achieve a healthy weight the right way. To help us, here are some tips for maintaining weight loss as well as fitness:

1.Exercise regularly. In addition to maintaining body weight, exercise is also good for growing strong bones.
2.Drink milk. Milk does not make us fatter. A glass of low fat milk contains only 80 calories and also contain protein and calcium needed for bone growth during adolescence us (compared with 120 calories from soft drinks contain only sugar, without calcium and protein).
3.Eat a varied diet, including lots of vegetables and fruit. This is important for our body needs for various nutrients are met.
4.Drink lots of water, at least 8 glasses a day and drinking less sweets such as syrup, bottled tea, and soda / softdrink.
5.Eat a low-fat meat and high in protein, such as lean meat, chicken without skin, fish, and nuts.
6.Eat foods that contain iron, fiber, and vitamin B.
7.Allow the breakfast. Research shows that eating breakfast can make us learn better in school and eat less all day. In contrast, no breakfast can actually increase body weight due to lower metabolism to save energy.
8.Do not use medicines for diet unless we are in a doctor's supervision.
9.The girl lost a lot of iron during the menstrual period. Therefore, at this period we should be more careful in regulating the content of the nutrients we consume.
10. Boys do not need a diet high in protein (such as eating 20 eggs per day) to build muscle. By maintaining a healthy diet and balanced, we already get the protein we need for our bodies. Excess protein is no longer stored as protein in the future, but as fat.

In conclusion, a diet that's fine by teenagers, as long as for healthy reasons and done in a healthy and safe, that is by maintaining a healthy diet and balanced. We need to diet if your diet was excessive, which is hazardous for health. In some cases, the diet not only makes us look better, but also makes us feel better. However, the most important for us is to treat our bodies with the fair. Do not let us hate our own bodies because only a few pounds overweight. By accepting our bodies and make healthy choices, we will be able to maintain weight within reasonable limits and still enjoy life. In addition, rather than just fixated on body shape alone, we better focus our attention on the pursuit of intellectual quality and our personality. Although television and magazines are full of those who are thin and dress as if fashion is only created for those who are skinny, just calm, we need to feel inferior baseball. If only business clothing, we can creatively make the most appropriate model for us. Remember, pretty or handsome is coming from within us. If we feel happy with ourselves, let alone we are clever, good-hearted, jaunty, and strong personality, naturally we will look nice. Okay! To enjoy life should not underweight, straight hair, and white.