Orange citrus has always made fresh drinks, is known to have efficacy for weight loss. Not only that, the efficacy of citrus was able to prevent diabetes. According to a recent study, citrus has a high content of flavonoids called naringenin. The substance has a very good influence on the function of organs. Naringenin could prevent the deposition of fat in the liver. With naringenin, the fat that is obtained through the food will burn and reduce levels of blood fats (triglycerides) and bad cholesterol. As well, the metabolic processes in the body also occur more quickly and naturally. Naringenin is a substance that can lose weight effectively and can be obtained in a natural way. That is by eating citrus juice each day on a regular basis. For patients with type 2 diabetes, naringenin has a substantial benefit of stabilizing the glucose levels in the body. Substances such as antioxidants whose function is similar to the hormone insulin. Metabolism in the body becomes more smoothly in the presence of naringenin and reduce insulin resistance in the body. In addition to the citrus, the high content of naringenin can also be obtained from the grapefruit. Besides good for diabetics, citrus is also good for people with cardiovascular disease. But, because it's the same, for those who also suffer from heartburn should consult a doctor before taking them.