The Viking Diet Eating habits Viking tribe in Scandinavia, are remarkably healthy and able to control body weight. This made Professor Arne Astrup from Copenhagen University, Denmark, highly recommend this viking diet for those who want to lose weight. Viking Diet have the concept of eating like a Viking tribe, namely by relying on a combination of bread and food menu. Viking Diet can be anyone and benefits are not much different from the Mediterranean diet. The focus of this diet is to consume local products, and intake of protein, carbohydrate and fat balance. Viking Diet is quite simple that is by combining a menu that consists of grains such as wheat and beans, vegetables, fish, poultry and meat.

Meat consumption also must contain a high omega 3, such as marine fish. To select the red meat and eat lean meat with fresh vegetables rich in antioxidants like carrots. Viking diet effects have been examined by Professor Arne Astrup, who is Head of the Department of Nutrition, Copenhagen University, late last year. She found cases of obesity in Scandinavia only half of cases of obesity in England. The key was located on a high protein intake Viking tribe. "Consumption of high protein on the Viking tribe is the key to their healthy eating habits. The protein was making a person full longer," said Professor Arne Astrup, as quoted by the Daily Mail, 21 January 2010.