Most cases of diabetes can be prevented with healthy lifestyle changes. You have more control over your own health. If you're worried about diabetes, you can make a difference by eating a healthy diet, maintaining weight and exercising. A good diet for diabetes were divided into three: What you eat: diet you will bring a big difference. You should eat lots of vegetable food sources, reducing refined carbohydrates and sugary drinks and choose healthy fats. When did you eat: Diet also includes a meal. Maintain regular eating, and time to enjoy a snack at a regular time will affect blood sugar levels. This will help maintain constant blood sugar levels at a safe level. How much you eat: food portions influential. Even if you eat foods that are very healthy, if excessive portion of your food, will certainly add to or being overweight. Excess weight is a factor that is harmful in diabetes. You do not need special food, but just need to add vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Diet for diabetes is quite simple, just with a healthy eating plan by improving nutrition, reducing fat, and enough calories. This diet is healthy for anyone.

So what are the myths and facts about diet for diabetes?

Myth: You should avoid sugar at all costs. Fact: The good news, you can still enjoy food (sweet / sugary) favorite, as long as you are able to plan and schedule it properly. The key when eating dessert or sweet foods is to ensure that it is part of a healthy eating plan or combined with exercise.

Myth: High protein diet is best. Fact: Research has shown that eating too much protein, especially animal protein, can actually cause insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a dangerous factor in diabetes. A healthy diet includes proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Our bodies need all three for normal body functions. The key is a balanced diet.

Myth: You should cut out all carbohydrate intake. Fact: Once again, the key to keeping diabetes is to eat a balanced diet. Serving size and type of carbohydrates you eat into consideration important in the diet. Focus on carbohydrates from whole grains, because these foods are a good source of fiber and slowly digested by the stomach, keeping blood sugar levels more even.

Myth: You will no longer be able to eat normally. You need a special diet for diabetes. Fact: The principle of healthy eating is the same - if there is at the level of preventing or controlling diabetes. Special diabetic foods or diet foods are expensive usually do not have special benefits. You can easily eat with family and friends without fear of your diet is interrupted, as long as you know the dosage that you should / create and eat with the portions.