Ann Arbor, No need to fear the contaminated fat if living room with
fat people. According to research, the student who shared a room with
a fat friend was more successful in preserving a healthy weight. This
conclusion is the result of research at the University of Michigan of
144 freshman. All the participants are girls' dormitory residents,
with a capacity of 2 people in 1 room. Student who shared a room with
a friend who has a body mass index (BMI) above the average catch was
not fat. In fact, tend to experience greater weight loss than the
student who shared a room with friends who are equally slim. In 1-year
observation period, weight loss in obese roommate student who averaged
1.13 kg. Precisely on the students that his roommates are equally
slim, body weight fell an average of only 0.23 kg. "This conclusion is
briefly sounds ridiculous, but there is a reasonable explanation about
it," said Kandice Kapinos, assistant researcher who acted as spokesman
as quoted by FoxNews, Thursday (23/09/2010). According to Kapinos, a
fat female students and aware of the condition are usually motivated
to more stringent diet, exercise more diligent and may consume herbal
slimming. This lifestyle is more easily transmitted in a roommate,
rather than obesity itself. The results of this study will be
presented at the regular meeting of the American Society of Health
Economists, held in the summer.