Does your personality could be a factor for weight loss? A new study says, yes! This study was conducted Hitomi Saito from Doshisha University, Japan. He examines the patients who are obese. The study was conducted through nutritional counseling and exercise therapy for six months at Kansai Medical University Hospital Obesity Clinic. The study says, patients can improve self-awareness through counseling were more likely to lose weight than those who do not do it. In fact, patients who started the program with less optimistic characteristics also tend to lose weight faster. The results of this study support previous findings which revealed, some negative emotions have a positive effect on behavior change because the patient is more concerned about the disease. They better keep eating, so they will avoid obesity, says a researcher from BioMed. "The problem, to maintain ideal body weight, the patient must be able to control themselves to issue a negative emotion. Reduce psychological stress could well maintain weight.