Diets that could make you satisfied and not feel hungry, it sounds
like a dream. However, according to new research diet will become
apparent in the future. This is based on evidence gathered by
investigators about the level of satisfaction in the food or satiety.
Professor Peter Rogers from the University BristoI, England, expressed
a sense of satiety to food is a sign of satisfaction on the food
facts. "The sense of satiety is very important if you want to control
weight. So you also need to know what foods can make full." According
to market research by Mintel Global Consumer, satiety at meals is a
very important factor for everyone. While the study conducted by
researchers at the University of California, USA, suggested to meet
mediteria satiety diet is recommended. Use olive oil in Mediterranean
cuisine is very healthy and filling. Olive oil contains oleic acid
which can help reduce hunger. In addition, foods that can make sense
of satiety lasted longer was that contains protein. That's because the
protein stimulates a hormone that makes your stomach feel 'full' and
send it to the brain. Protein also increases the metabolism in the
body. So, in your body is burning calories faster. And, you need to
know is animal protein such as meat and fish, increase metabolism more
than vegetable protein found in vegetables and nuts. For other foods,
you can eat potatoes in order to feel full longer. Potatoes contain
complex carbohydrates. That's what makes you full longer. Besides
potato-type bread that is white rotian can also make your stomach last
longer against hunger. But, avoid potato chips, snack because it just
sends a little signal satiety to the brain. You better eat boiled
potatoes, in addition to not contain oil, will keep you full longer.
To select a snack of crackers or foods you should avoid small, easily
chewed. That's because the snacks are just sending satiety signals to
the brain a little, and you will always want to eat it again and
again. Sweet foods that contain lots of sugar also does not make you
full. In fact, it will just make your blood sugar increases the hazard
to health. For that, you should be more selective in choosing a sweet