Many people reduce intake of fatty foods, like meat, for the sake of
having a slim body ideal weight. Quite often they are forced to become
a vegetarian. But effective? Nutritional consultant, Dr. Luciana B.
Sutanto, said the vegetarian diet is less appropriate if associated
with weight loss goals. Losing weight is more influenced by the intake
of calories from food and output of calories from physical activity.
Vegetarian diet does not mean calorie content of food consumed is low.
It all depends the type of food, how to cultivate and the amount
consumed. Noteworthy is the protein intake of various nutrients and
adequacy must be fulfilled. He said that a vegetarian diet can not be
done haphazardly. In addition to ensuring that consumed pesticide-
free vegetables, a vegetarian should also be clever set menu
variations such as legumes, fruits, vegetables and fiber. Both also
add soy products in your menu. People who reduce animal protein intake
and increase vegetable protein levels do tend to have low fat and
cholesterol in the body. To be effective vegetarian diet for health,
choose protein sources selectively.