Having beautiful breasts and sexy are every woman's desires. However, to maintain its beauty, need care from the outside and inside. Sure enough, it is not just the body alone that needs nutrients to stay fit, even breast nutritional needs. Here are some foods and beverages to keep the breast still beautiful and healthy:

Consumption of citrus fruit Eating citrus and vegetables as well as a healthy food that should be a staple of women's consumption of day-to-day.besides oranges, fresh fruits and dried fruits such as apricots, orange citrus, bananas and carrots were also well taken to maintain breast health. Fruits are rich in vitamin A, E and C and antioxidants, which can make breast tissue constantly dah skin youthful.

Cabbage Preventing cancer White cabbage and Chinese cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli is a food that is needed to protect against breast malignant diseases such as cancer. Therefore, start this routine eat vegetables.

Bread wheat for the production of hormones Variety of foods prepared from wheat ingredients were added with water, nuts and foods containing fiber are very well taken because it can give a good effect for female hormones. These foods should always be present in your daily menu.

Selenium for healthy skin A woman's breasts will not look beautiful and healthy without selenium. The content of selenium can be obtained from Brazil nuts and brewer's yeast as a source of vitamin B1 which could make your breasts and skin more elastic.
3 cups of green tea a day Sweet wine or sweet wine flavor is also well taken for breast health. In addition to sweet wine, green tea and white can also be an alternative that can provide benefits to the breast. Nutritionists recommend that women drink tea 3-5 cups each day to protect the body, including breast, from various diseases and premature aging.