a slow metabolism can lead to excessive weight. Accumulate calories
into fat, a variety of targeted diseases. There's no other way,
immediately push your metabolism to work faster. Metabolism, such as
homeopathy expert explained Melanie J. Grimes in www.healthnews.com,
is the physical and chemical processes in the body to produce energy.
Chemical processes take place within the cell, converting food and
oxygen into energy your body needs. "Increasing your metabolism will
increase energy and make weight shrink," said Grimes. Metabolism every
person is different, mainly determined by heredity. Metabolism is also
affected age, continued to decline 5 percent in the past ten years
after age 40. Well, lifestyle and choice makana also affect
metabolism. Train your metabolism through regular exercise. The
muscles deviated adenosine triphosphates (ATP) which will be burned
when the muscles move. The body always provide the ATP to size, so
that when exercising, your body automatically increases the ATP needs
to convert from eating. Clearly, according to Grimes, the best way to
increase metabolism is through exercise and develop muscle mass. Then
prioritize healthy diet rich in protein and fat. Here are tips to
increase metabolism Grimes:

- Increase muscle mass: More muscular build more calories burned;
- Eat more protein;
- Sports after it because it would double the calorie burn;
- Eat regularly: Skipping breakfast and an empty stomach will lower
your metabolism because it makes the body trying to save. Eat a little
breakfast makes your metabolism continues to work;
- Eat small meals: new research on athletes found to eat 250 calories
worth of snacks three times a day will increase energy expenditure;
- Drink cold water: Cold water requires more energy to digest than warm water;
- Vitamins: Thiamine, or vitamin B1, to the function of muscle and
shed the carbohydrate and vitamin C helps cartilage canal blood.
Adding Food Fat-burner:
1. Protein: All the food is actually burning fat, because when
digested, your metabolism increases. But there are some foods that
require more energy to digest. Protein spend 25 percent more. A
hundred calories of protein using thirty calories to digest;
2. Spices: A study of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, found
the red pepper (cayenne pepper) are added to carbohydrate foods
increase metabolism disposal and turn on for 30 minutes after a meal;
3. Green tea: active composition is an antioxidant called
epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which acts like a red pepper;
4. Healthy Fats: The body needs fat to function and healthy fats
increase calorie burning. Healthy fats found in olives, avocados, nuts
and some fish such as salmon and tuna. However, Grimes said, the best
way to increase metabolism remains the sport and increase muscle mass.