If some time ago, a study says that artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes can help natural weight loss program. But now quite the contrary, a recent research conducted at Harvard University reveals precisely the opposite. The researchers found that the current human body is considered a replacement of sugar and some addictive substances that are often used in food as carbohydrates.

Addictive substances consist of:

Glutamates is artificial amino acid that is used to add flavor to food. Currently on the market has been sold glutamates in various forms with different names. One type is Monosodium glutamates or MSG. Experts say, within 3 minutes after you eat foods containing glutamates, your body releases insulin to high levels. Then on the senses of taste receptors will send signals to the brain so that you have the desire to eat more. Currently glutamates contained in many foods, it is expected that you are more careful when determining the food to be consumed. As a solution, just check the labels on every packaged food. If the list of components contained autolyzed yeast, gelatin, glutamic acid, hydrolyzed or textured protein, sodium or calcium caseinate or yeast extract or food is better avoided only.

Sugar substitutes made to deceive the senses of taste to think that you have been eating real sugar. But the problem is the artificial sweetener will deceive the pancreas that produce insulin the same as when you are eating pure sugar. As a solution, try to eat foods containing protein before you eat artificial sugar. Protein can slow the absorption of food molecules of food through the intestinal wall so that these artificial sweeteners do not increase blood sugar levels. Avoid artificial sweeteners that contain neurotoxins that can cause irritation to the eye nerve.

Saturated fats make insulin in the body increased dramatically in just 1 minute after the food containing the body digest fat. Because the body does not know how to digest it. As a result, the body will recognize saturated fat as a refined carbohydrate. How to avoid it, instead of cooking oil that you use with the oil, monounsaturated fats, like olive oil, peanut oil.